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Stakeholder Engagement

Momentum Metropolitan considers the needs of, and is committed to regular, open and honest ongoing communication with all its stakeholders.

Maintaining good, mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders is an integral part of our value creation process. Relationships play a key role in our ability to deliver on our purpose and depending on their quality they can either contribute, maintain, or erode our relationship capital.

How we define our relationships
To define our relationships, we:
Analyse the impact, influence, and value of a relationship for Momentum Metropolitan and our stakeholders.

We identify:

  • our key stakeholders based on their influence on our business,
  • stakeholder goals
  • material matters and the risks and opportunities arising from our relationships with our stakeholders.

We categorise our relationships as:

  • Consultative
  • Involved
  • Collaborative

We design and implement engagement strategies and plans to assist us in adding value to our business and our stakeholders through engagement.

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