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Employee Wellness

As an organisation with real heart, Momentum Metropolitan values the wellbeing of its employees. It is against this backdrop that the organisation is committed to establishing a culture of health and wellbeing, to facilitate and support employees on their journey to optimal mental, physical and financial health.

In line with the above, Momentum Metropolitan offers various wellness programmes to support employees, as well as their families, in managing health issues and work/life balance. The programmes are designed to encourage health awareness and offer assistance at the earliest opportunity.

A selection of wellness services available to our employees includes:

  • Health evaluations and assessments.
  • Support to employees with disabilities.
  • Various health testing services at the workplace.
  • 24 hour telephonic and face to face counselling.
  • Financial advice services for both individual needs and group benefits.
  • Managerial consultation and advice.
  • Trauma management and counselling.
  • Proactive and responsive interventions to address needs of employees.
  • Online wellbeing services.
  • People Risk assessments to proactively identify and manage people risks within the business.
  • Wellness newsletters and communications geared to support employees on topical issues.

Managing HIV and AIDS

HIV and AIDS policy

Momentum Metropolitan Holdings has an HIV and AIDS policy in line with best practice.

Prevention and treatment

One of the objectives of the employee wellness team is to integrate HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment into the overall wellness programme. The focus is on minimising the stigma and other negative perceptions around HIV and AIDS. All employees have access to a full HIV and AIDS treatment programme via their respective medical scheme membership, which includes voluntary counselling and testing as well as benefits for antiretroviral treatment.

HIV and AIDS impact assessment - direct risk

Momentum Metropolitan Holdings commissioned an HIV and AIDS impact assessment to assess the full extent of its risk. For details of the results, please click on the link below.

Customers - indirect risk

HIV and AIDS risk to our customer base is measured and taken into account when developing and pricing our products.

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