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Momentum Metropolitan
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We continue to enable the life aspirations of young South Africans through the Momentum Metropolitan Foundation. We partner with young people and NPOs to bring solutions to the challenges they face – from creating jobs to preparing them for the world of work by equipping them with skills that make them employable.

The youth need tangible solutions

For Momentum Metropolitan Holdings (MMH), the commemoration of Youth Day is not something that is viewed with any type of trepidation. MMH approaches this day with its collective chest because of a decision that the Momentum Metropolitan Foundation (MMF) made in 2018. What decision? Let’s create the context first.

The importance of employability

When it comes to developing a strategy and effective approach to halting the increase in youth unemployment and contributing to turning it around, the Momentum Metropolitan Foundation (MMF), driven by the Board and the CSI team, has had to be deliberate about the way they show up in the space. And the starting point was the differentiation between a focus on employability versus employment. MMF’s focus is employability, defined by the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary as “the extent to which somebody has the skills, knowledge, attitude, etc. that make them suitable for paid work."

Partner Profile: WeThinkCode

We Think Code_ was established in 2015 as a tuition-free tech institution with the mission “to train Africa’s next generation of top tech talent in order to drive the digitisation of African business. CEO, Nyari Samushonga gives insight into the organisation.

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