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Women in Farming 2022

The Momentum Metropolitan Foundation, in partnership with Agri Enterprises (specialists in the agriculture industry and rural development), launches the Women in Farming programme. The programme is on a mission to enhance the skills of young female farmers to enable and empower them to better feed their families and create jobs for their communities.

The objective of the Momentum Metropolitan Women in Farming initiative is 3-fold.

  1. To create knowledge-based economies within the rural areas of South Africa.
  2. To stimulate, encourage and support emerging entrepreneurs (financial, technical, and mental support).
  3. To address the socio-economic problems faced by young females in agriculture.

Women making strides in farming

A shovel in the ground, used for farming on a piece of land.

Nonhanhla Joye: How organic food saves lives

Nonhlanhla ‘Ma’Joye’ Joye is the founder of Umgibe Farming Organics and Training Institute. Ma’Joye’s journey with Umgibe started in 2014 when she was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, a memory from her youth would not only give her something to do, but it would also propel her into the business world.

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Vegatables grown in plastic bags hung on a wooden structure made by Nonhlanhla Joye.

Nonhlanhla Joye: Growing a farm in a plastic packet

Ma’Joye shares how she created a frugal, climate-smart system to grow organic vegetables. She built a wooden structure to hang rows of plastic bags filled with soil. Joye planted her seedlings in the packets. The raised set-up allowed Joye to tend to her garden with greater efficiency and less wastage.

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Growing a successful crop of female entrepreneurs in SA agriculture

In the 2022 State of the Nation address, President Cyril Ramaphosa recognised the importance of supporting small-scale farmers and integrating them into value chains.

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