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Momentum Metropolitan Volunteers

Celebrating the spirit of volunteerism.

At Momentum Metropolitan we recognise that we are inescapably tied to the welfare of communities around us and that we need to work for their betterment as an organisation. We recruit the best talent for our business. Our volunteers programme creates the opportunity for this talent to serve not only our business goals but be of service to society at large.

We have high expectations and strive to do volunteer work that is impactful and sustainable, as opposed to being incidental. Our volunteer work therefore extends beyond the corporate volunteer calendar to include an online capability that allows volunteer and causes to connect and find solutions to social challenges together. The volunteers programme firmly supports Momentum Metropolitan Foundation’s youth employment focus, but volunteers are supported and enabled to contribute their skills in various fields such as animal welfare, advocacy for people with disabilities, environmental conservation and the protection of women and children. Volunteers have access to resources such as matchfunding and partners to enable their work.

Lesedi Awards

Established in 2016, the Lesedi (Sesotho word meaning Light) was created to recognize our employees who have taken ownership of the responsibility we all have to work for the betterment of less fortunate communities. We wanted employees to know that we recognise the things that are important to them, and support them as people who care for and are concerned about the well-being of their communities.

Lesedi is our proof point that we are geared to purposeful volunteer work, which supports people from all walks of life to reach their goals and life aspirations, notwithstanding the many challenges they might face. Every year, nominees for these awards demonstrate their commitment to work that speaks to the needs of people, as opposed to volunteer work done for own personal gain.

There are eight categories which in which nominees are evaluated on the extent to which they give life to the Momentum Metropolitan values of teamwork, integrity, diversity, accountability and Innovation, as well as its impact and sustainability. Because we believe we learn while we serve, the extent to which personal growth occurred because of the volunteering is also be taken into account. All the nominees receive a contribution to the causes where they have volunteered.

2018 Award Winners

Lesedi Individual

The individual whose involvement in volunteer initiatives best aligns with our approach to volunteerism. In other words, purposeful community-centred volunteerism.

Winner: Clinton van Boomen for building strong support systems for Victory Kids center for children with Learning difficulties.

Lesedi Team

A group of people who could be from different business areas but work together as a team on volunteer initiatives, and whose contribution best aligns with our approach of purposeful community-centred volunteerism.

Winner: Durban CSI Team for their work with orphans, vulnerable children and abused women.

Lesedi Exceptional Business Leader

This special award will be dedicated to the business leader who consistently shows support for staff volunteer efforts and volunteers on a regular basis. This person leads by example.

Winner: Grace Masehela for volunteering with her team in public hospitals and early childhood development centers.

Lesedi International

A team or individual who does not reside in South Africa and volunteers in their own time out of their own accord and whose work best aligns with our approach to volunteerism.

Winner: Kennedy Kwaku Antwi from Ghana for his work in conservation and education.

Lesedi Exceptional Volunteer Champion

This award will be dedicated to the volunteer champion who goes above and beyond what is required.

Winner: Seema Singh for spearheading disaster response initiatives.

Most active volunteer on Momentum Metropolitan Forgood

Momentum Metropolitan Forgood is our online volunteering platform.

Winner: Esther Moloi for mentoring and coaching vulnerable youth.

Payroll Giver

The highest and most consistent payroll giver between July and August the previous year.

Winner: Marius Cilliers for contributions to the Tshwane School of Music..

Lesedi Spirit of Volunteering

This award will be given to one of the winners of the above-mentioned nine categories.

Winner: Durban CSI Team

Nominations received

Over the years the awards saw exponential growth since its inception in 2016. On average 25 non-profits receive support annually as nominees are recognised for their work with these organisations. Last year 326 nominations were received and more than R250 000 channeled to 26 non-profits.

2018 326 nominations
21 shortlisted
26 NPOs assisted
2017 196 nominations
37 shortlisted
30 NPOs assisted
2016 85 nominations
25 shortlisted
21 NPOs assisted
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