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Momentum Metropolitan Foundation

“The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity.” - Benjamin Disraeli

The Momentum Metropolitan Foundation was set up as an independent Non-profit Company (NPC) that integrates the corporate social investment initiatives of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings. The Foundation channels Corporate Social Investment (CSI) funds to non-profit organisations and institutions working towards the development and empowerment of the broader community.

It oversees the social investment work of Momentum and Metropolitan and provides strategic direction to their programmes.

The Foundation exists to enable the life aspirations and sustainable earning potential of young people through employment programmes and job placement. We value the young people of South Africa and want to see them empowered to succeed. They should have access to the training and opportunities that will help them secure their future.

Africa has the youngest and fastest growing youth population in the world, yet the continent’s economies are not able to cash in on this youth dividend. In South Africa, the youth unemployment rate is a looming crisis that requires intervention from all spheres of our society.

The Momentum Metropolitan Foundation is committed to playing its part.

Investment Profiles

Momentum CSI

Momentum has built a reputation as a brand that champions youth unemployment initiatives as well as financial literacy. It is currently involved in two youth unemployment initiatives and financial literacy projects for first time employees and high school learners. The brand wants to act as a springboard for youth on their journey to success.

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Metropolitan CSI

Over the years Metropolitan has contributed to youth development through sports, health interventions and education. Since 2016, the focus has been on supporting young people through financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

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Momentum Metropolitan CSI is wholly focused on Youth Employment, with many placed into full time, meaningful employment.

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