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Statement on the sudden death of professor Gita Ramjee

The Momentum Metropolitan Foundation, formerly known as the MMI Foundation, is deeply saddened and shocked at the sudden and untimely passing of HIV scientist and researcher Professor Gita Ramjee in Umhlanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal on 31 March 2020.

Keeping up the momentum of support during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has swept across South Africa rapidly, and the government has acted just as swiftly to try and curb its spread, closing schools from 18 March and putting the country on lock down for 21 days from 27 March. It has also put a variety of measures in place to help support and mitigate the impact of the virus on South African individuals and businesses during this uncertain time.

Momentum Metropolitan Empowers SA Youth to Enhance Youth Employability

In response to a defined and definite national need, Momentum Metropolitan in 2018 sharpened its CSI focus to wholly concentrate on finding workable and sustainable solutions to place young people into gainful jobs. Driven by the Momentum Metropolitan Foundation, the company to date has placed 927 young people into employment. Training for a further 840 candidates is in the pipeline.

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Growing our young people. Growing our future.

The Foundation has committed itself to staving off this wave of unemployment by supporting education initiatives, including consumer financial education, across the country.

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Committed to the lifetime financial wellness of South Africans

Poor education has left a wave of young people largely unemployable and economically destitute. The foundation has committed itself to starving off this wave by supporting education initiatives.

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