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Corporate Social

Unlocking South Africa's potential.

Corporate Social Investment

Social Investment is but one of the ways in which corporations contribute value to society. Done with integrity, it has the ability to be one of the most powerful tools for building a sense of common purpose to meet the social and economic challenges, faced by many communities in South Africa.

The MMI Foundation

The MMI Foundation is an independent Section 21 company that integrates the corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives of MMI Holdings and its two client-facing brands Metropolitan and Momentum. The Foundation was established in 2009 and initially launched as the Metropolitan Foundation. In December 2010, MMI Holdings was born out of the merger of Momentum and Metropolitan, both of whom have played an important role in socio-economic development across various sectors.

The Foundation was set up to support institutions working towards the development and empowerment of the broader community and it is independently run and operated. It has become the vehicle through which MMI Holdings fulfils its commitment to socio-economic development, by partnering with government, non-profit organisations and the community at large.

Possibly the greatest need for interventions in South Africa remain among the youth. They not only determine the future of the country but are also at a critical juncture to shape their own future successes.

In 2016 the Foundation adopted youth employment as a single focus area. While there are many varied approaches to tackling youth unemployment, the approach of the MMI Foundation is to prioritise projects, which support the journey to employment. Practically, this means a focus on programmes where there is a clear, intentional flow from recruitment to technical training to psychosocial support and self-development to job placement or self-employment and to career or business mentoring and support.

Metropolitan CSI

Over the years Metropolitan has contributed to youth development through sports, health interventions and educations. Since 2016 the focus is on living the brand identity of being a mentor, through its youth financial literacy and entrepreneurship projects.

Momentum CSI

Momentum has built a reputation as a brand focused on enabling success for all it seeks to serve. This holds true especially for its contributions as social investor. The brand is currently championing two youth employment initiatives as well as investing in financial literacy projects for first time employees and high school learners.

CSI Contact

Email: csi@mmiholdings.co.za
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