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Lesedi awards 2017 – celebrating the spirit of volunteerism

Published: Nov 10, 2017 7:00:00 AM South Africa Standard Time

MMI Holdings is presenting its 2017 Lesedi Awards on 16 November, with the support of the MMI Foundation, the independent Section 21 non-profit company that integrates the corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives of MMI.

Launched in 2016, the Lesedi Awards are aimed at recognising and celebrating the volunteer work that MMI employees and business units do in their communities.

MMI Foundation Chairman Dan Moyane says, “Although the primary role of the MMI Foundation is to ensure meaningful and enduring impact of the financial investments we make in communities, we recognise that volunteering is also a powerful force for change that fills a gap that pure funding inevitably leaves.”

“In line with our MMI values, we believe that volunteering should be purposeful, where volunteers strive to work with communities to provide services needed by the community. The Lesedi Awards are also an important way that we engage our employees. We want to work with individuals with a social awareness/conscience, who share our purpose of enhancing the financial wellness of individuals, business and communities,” says Moyane.

The number of entries has increased from 85 in 2016 to 196 in 2017. There are 10 categories and 37 nominees for the awards.

  1. MMI Lesedi Individual Award – for the individual whose involvement in MMI volunteer initiatives best aligns with MMI’s approach to volunteerism.
  2. MMI Lesedi Team Award – for a group of people who could be from different business areas but work together as a team in MMI volunteer initiatives, and whose contribution best aligns with MMI’s approach to volunteerism.
  3. MMI Lesedi Community Volunteer Award – an award dedicated to staff members who volunteer in their own time, in their own community and out of their own accord. MMI’s hope is that the MMI Staff Volunteer Programme (SVP) will motivate employees to do good wherever they are, whether as MMI Volunteers or as ordinary citizens.
  4. MMI Lesedi Exceptional Volunteer Champion Award – this award will be dedicated to the volunteer champion who goes above and beyond what is required of him or her.
  5. MMI Lesedi Exceptional Business Leader Award – this special award will be dedicated to the business leader who consistently shows support for staff volunteer efforts and volunteers on a regular basis. This person leads by example.
  6. MMI Lesedi Business Firebrand Award – this special award will go to the business unit that shows the most passion and consistent dedication as a team to volunteerism.
  7. MMI Lesedi International Award – for a team or individual who does not reside in South Africa who volunteers in their own time out of their own accord and whose work best aligns with MMI’s approach to volunteerism.
  8. The most active on MMI Forgood – for an individual registered on the MMI Forgood platform who has the highest completed actions from the platform and who is rated above average by the causes he or she volunteered for.
  9. MMI Lesedi Most consistent Payroll giver Award – for the highest and most consistent payroll giver between August 2016 and July 2018.
  10. MMI Lesedi Spirit of Volunteering Award – this award will be handed to an individual or a team that best exemplified all of the MMI volunteering values and has gone the extra mile during every volunteering activity by doing something special, spontaneous or extraordinary. This award will be given to one of the winners of the above-mentioned nine categories.

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