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State of the Nation Address – what MMI wants to hear

Published: Feb 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM South Africa Standard Time

This year the nation faces many challenges but amongst these challenges South Africa must also recognise and celebrate the successes and positives we’ve achieved.

South Africa held successful municipal elections in August where over 15 million people made their mark at the polling stations. The strength of our democracy was further cemented by the demonstration of strength and robustness of our judiciary in the decisions to uphold the Public Protector’s powers and other decisions.

Civil participation in national debates has also increased as seen in the number of protests around the country on higher education, service delivery and other issues. These protests, although disturbing when they turn violent, are a mirror into where we are as a nation. They encourage us to hold ourselves accountable and galvanise us to all take positive action.

From an MMI point of view, it is heartening to see the closer and more constructive working relationship that has been developed between business, labour and government. The efforts put into making sure that South Africa is not downgraded, and the plans currently underway to turn our economy around, should be acknowledged, encouraged and celebrated.

We look forward to hearing plans to address issues of our slow economic growth, funding for higher education and growing unemployment at the State of the Nation Address on Thursday 9 February.

As business we are keenly aware of the role we must play in improving the state of our nation. Our purpose to enhance the financial wellness of people, communities and businesses is lived through all our activities as a business. In addition to doing what is required to meet our transformation targets, MMI has also embarked on various projects that go towards building our nation.

The challenges the country faces are not just government problems and it will require more than just government interventions to solve them. At MMI we remain committed to assist in addressing some of these challenges. If nothing else, this past year has shown that unity and a coordinated approach by all sectors of society is needed if we are to move South Africa forward.

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