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MET Collective Investments confirms investments are safe

Published: Mar 26, 2015 8:00:00 AM South Africa Standard Time

This communication should be read in conjunction with the statement released on 24 March 2015 regarding various media reports about MET Collective Investments RF Proprietary Limited ("MetCI"") and Clarus Asset Managers Proprietary Limited ("Clarus").

MetCI would like to take this opportunity to confirm the following:

  • The process to validate the asset holdings with the trustees and custodians in their respective jurisdictions has been successfully completed and MetCI is satisfied with the outcome.
  • Independent trustees and custodians of the funds listed below, such as Standard Bank Trustees, have confirmed that all assets are held with reputable local and offshore investment securities and funds.
  • This further demonstrates that the interests of unit holders are protected under the Collective Investments Scheme’s governance and sound regulatory framework.
  • The MetCI investigation has revealed that unit holders invested in the funds listed below have not been compromised as per the recent allegations regarding Mr Cobus Kellermann.
    • Clarus MET Equity Value Fund
    • Clarus MET Optimal Fund
    • Clarus MET Property Fund
    • Clarus MET Real Income Fund
    • Clarus MET Wealth Accumulator Fund of Funds
    • Clarus MET Wealth Creator Fund of Funds
    • Clarus MET Wealth Preserver Fund of Funds
    • MET Global Diversified Feeder Fund
  • MetCI further confirms that the MET Global Diversified Feeder Fund, via the Armstrong Global Diversified Fund, holds its assets with the following investment managers: Contrarious, Coronation, Nedgroup, Prescient, Sanlam, STANLIB, Franklin Templeton and Investec.
  • MetCI would therefore like to caution unit holders not to act indiscriminately based on unsubstantiated reports in relation to their investments in the Clarus MET funds and the MET Global Diversified Feeder Fund.
  • MetCI again reiterates that it has no business association with Mr Kellermann and any of his businesses.

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